Given our location in one of New Jersey's most beautiful places, it's only natural The Zenneth Manor Inn has a strong commitment to understanding and preserving our environment. This is more than a mission statement or slogan; it's a core principle that pervades much of what we do. 

The Zenneth recently joined the renewable energy movement with over 40 solar panels installed on her roof.  This particular system will allow us to generate up to 97% of our electrical needs through clean solar energy.  The most allowable under New Jersey Law.  

We are also actively participating to reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing our guest experience.  From recycling refuse to using non-toxic cleaning supplies, eco-sensitive laundry detergent and toiletry products, we strive to be environmentally conscious.  As an investment to making a difference, each of our guest washrooms have all been improved to include water saving faucets, shower heads and toilets that do not sacrifice comfort for water conservation.  We also employ a voluntary towel re-use program that allows our guests to take part in our water saving efforts.  

Our practice doesn't simply stop inside either.  Zenneth Manor Inn's exterior landscape style eliminates the need for supplemental irrigation and chemical fertilization as is common with a traditional grass lawn.  Known as xeriscaping, we use natural elements and plants that are appropriate to our local climate.  This extends our conservation commitment to both inside and outside our property.  

Going "green" fits our philosophy at the Zenneth- preservation, restoration and conservation. We believe in preserving and enhancing the life of our historic property and the unique island we call home.  Our green goals and the utilization of green technologies, allow our guests to actively contribute to keeping Ocean City beautiful for future generations to enjoy.